Monday, November 4, 2019

Sunny Phone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Sunny Phone - Essay Example Sunny Phone has all the advanced features of latest available mobile phones with attractive designs. Its uniqueness is that its battery can be charged using solar power. Australian mobile manufacturing industry is highly competitive and matured as most of the market leaders are present in this market. With favorable economic condition, the Australian telecommunication industry is growing and there are significant opportunities for Green-Tech. To penetrate the market, Green-Tech’s marketing strategy will focus on enhancement of consumers’ value and its core generic strategy will be differentiation focused strategy. For controlling and planning, Green-Tech has developed management and financial plans. There will be expert management teams for each department. As per the market analysis, the sales forecast for Sunny Phone is determined 3600 units during first year, and using this figure, the financial planning has been projected. Initial start up cost for Green-Tech is aro und AUD 24 million and the company is expected to earn AUD 97200 in its first operating year. 2. Introduction In the post-modern age of trade and business, starting a new venture is very challenging task as prevailing market is very competitive. Besides, the risks associated with a new venture are always higher than existing business. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop a business plan forecasting entire business activities before starting the venture and business plan is also helpful in convincing investors for generating necessary funds (Peterson, Jaret and Schenck, p.13). This paper will attempt to present a business plan based on an innovative product. There will be brief descriptions regarding the overview of company, product, market analysis, major strength & weaknesses, management plan and financial plan. This paper will also offer a set of plausible recommendations for successful product launch. 3. Company Overview and Its Mission, Vision and Objectives ‘Green-T ech Private Ltd’ is privately held company which is engaged in manufacturing an innovative mobile phone and it will be owned by a number of shareholders who will make significant financial contributions. The primary aim of this company is to manufacture and offer eco-friendly mobile phones. The company has realized the importance of practising green business in reducing the negative impact of business activity. The fundamental business value and ethics of Green-Tech involve value maximization of its stakeholders by developing growth oriented organisational and work culture. The company will operate in Australian market by setting up its manufacturing plant, research and development center and a corporate office. The location of plants, office and R&D center will be selected by as per the market viabilities. The shareholders will be legal owners and responsible for managing and controlling business activities. In order to develop a growth orientated business structure and stra tegies, company’s mission, vision and specific objectives are developed and given below Mission statement: Green-Tech is committed to offer products which will have least negative impact on environment and society. Therefore, the company’s mission statement is to offer eco-friendly products that will enhance the value of consumers and their environment by using innovative technology. Vision Statement: Green-Tec

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