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Comic Books in America and Japan Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Comic Books in America and Japan - Case Study Example The most vital demographic within the society are the children and youth. These active societal members have a greater impact towards future development. However, children are the most sensitive group within the society because they are at the developmental stage that is affected through influences from the majority of the aspects within the society. Moreover, the age is the most active in leisure activities because they require the socialization aspects that develop their intellectuality. The development and the children have been dependent on the presented values within the family and the environment that they hail from. Various societies present differentiated challenges to create a tradition f the nature these children relate to the accorded aspects. The group relations and the activities that these children engage in during their leisure time have influence their developmental attributes (Turow 2008, p159). Most children are involved in games that are both presented in technolog ical aspects and creative social groups. The most applied measures have been in comic books that have witnessed increased use in children. Comic books are either locally created or imported and often follow a similar fictional plot that children have associated with and identified easily (Gravett 2004, p13). Comic books have been boosted by technology as the children have accessed comic plots through the internet in computers and mobile phone. Both America and Japan have witnessed the increased trend of comic books use in children, and the regions depict a variation in behaviour as the entity presents impacts to their development. Japanese manga and American Comics Overview These two countries have been presented with similarities and exchange of intellectual development since the Second World War. The comic book prevalence in the two countries has been evident in the inclusion of super heroes in the fictional writings. The term has always been the comic book in America and the incl usion of manga in Japan. The argument is placed that the creation of the American comic books and super heroes influenced the creation of the manga characters. This fictional society has offered entertainment to an increasing audience, that has been noticed to incorporate children who are influenced in the fictional society in varied measures. The comparison in the traditional definition of both comics and manga are included in their significance to the publication industry. Comics had been developed in the American societies, in the thirties, when the superhero aspect gained popularity. They have since affected the creation of the Japanese manga that have borrowed on the ideology of creation based on the intuition of stars like Batman and Superman. Japanese production of the manga has been larger as compared to the American comic industry occupying a total of 40% in the total publication production. This is because the composition of the manga contents has been dynamic and to cover an increased scope as compared to the comics. The interest has increased among the users who have incorporated the application of the Japanese comic in their entertainment. Consequently, comic books plot has been developed to increase the creativity and involvement of the youth and children as compared to the manga that are a universal story influence. The argument has been placed that the Japanese manga have presented greater influences as compared to the

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