Thursday, February 13, 2020

Fashion retail concepts of the future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Fashion retail concepts of the future - Essay Example The essay "Fashion retail concepts of the future" analyzes Fashion retail. In future fashion retail, there will be considerable use of online systems. A website legitimizes the existence of a business. E-commerce performs a physical role in enabling convenient access of products across distant areas. More fashion stores may face the pressure of opening their online versions to facilitate convenience of shopping among customers. In supply chain management, technology will be crucial in enabling efficiency. RFID technology helps track the movement of clothes in the distribution chain. This is possible though the use of tags that help track products from the manufacturing phase to the purchase stage. Fashion is ushering in an age of interactive shopping. Interactive experience means that a client takes charge of one’s shopping time. This involves the use of sensory simulation in testing products before purchase. For instance, the Burberry store in central London avoids the idea o f direct purchases. The store has simulated the website experience in its physical store on Regent Street. A customer, therefore, makes one’s purchases from the sofa while using a swipe machine. Clothing in the store has chips and identification technology that makes it possible for customer to witness images of clothes in catwalk. Mobile applications will be a key feature in fashion retail. Major brands such as SalesGossip, Burberry, Forever21, Shopstyle, and Tommy Hilfiger are investing in various applications.

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